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What is Direct Tax Different Rates of Direct taxes - taxkundali

What is Direct Tax | Different Rates of Direct Taxes

What is Direct Tax – Direct taxes are one sort of taxes an individual pays that are given straight or on to the government, like tax, land tax, and personal land tax, a poll tax, Income Tax. Such direct taxes are computed based on the strength of the taxpayer to pay, which means that the higher their ability of paying is, the higher their taxes are. Direct taxes are transferable to another person or business. The organizations and individuals on whom the direct taxes are concerned are only responsible for paying the taxes. Failure to pay taxes on time may result in penalties and imprisonment.

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Tips for managing the business during Covid-19 taxkundali

Tips for managing the business during Covid-19 | Taxkundali

We live in a world where no one knows what will happen next, we live with uncertainty, Uncertain danger. After 2019, the world neither knew nor was ready to see how much the corona epidemic will affect everyone’s life. From 2020 to 2021, this epidemic has not left us and it is breaking our back. During this period, the business conditions deteriorated, some were ruined and some went into too much loss. People need Tips for managing the business during Covid-19. People do not understand how to handle business ahead, what should we do and should not do during this pandemic.

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What is Tax Evasion - Taxkundali

What is Tax Evasion – Taxkundali

What is Tax Evasion: India is a very developing country, new industries, and new businesses are constantly being established here. Business is growing rapidly in India, there are all types of businesses from small to big. Even after doing so much business, the government is not getting tax properly. Because there are lots of businesses in India which do tax scam and tax evasion. There are many ways in which tax can be avoided. There are several methods that people use to avoid paying taxes in India like a false tax return, fake documents, bribery, false deductions, and combining personal expenses in business expenses.

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Tax Tips For Small Business - Taxkundali

Tax Tips for Small Business – Taxkundali

When you are the owner of a small business, your responsibility and expenses are very increased. You need to account for every small amount for your business. Often small businessmen have less profit and more expenses and in this situation, it becomes more difficult to pay tax. Now, nobody expects owners to be tax professionals. You have businesses to run, in any case, but it is vital to understand where you’ll manage to take a position that brings cashback to your business. If you want maximum benefit, then you should save tax. But only a good accountant and a CA give you Tax Tips for Small business to maximum tax saving. 

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Income Taxpayer Benefits - Taxkundali

Income Taxpayer Benefits – Taxkundali

If you earn any sort of income in India, you are inclined to pay income tax as per the IT Act. Income Taxpayer Benefits Once the tax is paid, you are also obliged to file tax returns for the same. If you miss to pay the income tax on time or do not file tax returns, you will be obligated to pay the fine. In some cases, it could also result in pursuance.

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What is The Indirect Tax and GST

What is The Indirect Tax and GST | Taxkundali

All indirect taxes are collected by the Indian government and this indirect tax is not levied on any person’s income. This indirect tax is levied on the purchase of any goods or service, which remain attached to the MRP price of that goods. What is The Indirect Tax and GST Our Indian Government categorized the tax in two-part first is Direct tax and the second is Indirect Tax.

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Top GST Consultant in Jaipur | Taxkundali

Top GST Consultant in Jaipur | Taxkundali

GST stands for Goods and service tax, now everyone knows the GST law but only some people know-how GST law works in a business. There was a lot of indirect tax in our country, but now to improve the tax our government made a new law of good and service tax. GST is an indirect tax. It’s an approach by our government one nation one tax. Every business owner registered and need to fill their GST, but only a few know how to deal with GST. That is why we need a top chartered accountant company in Jaipur and GST Consultant in Jaipur, Best CA Firms in Jaipur.

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