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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

As the word itself explains not to copy. It is the right of originality. The owner gets the exclusive rights of its work and protected by copyrights. If your piece of art is protected by the copyright then no one other can claim, reproduce it.

Some field of work which can take the copyrights

  1. Books
  2. Music
  3. Films
  4. Manuscripts
  5. Training manuals
  6. Fashion design
  7. Software
  8. Performance
  9. Literary work
  10. Painting and many more.

Copy right registration is dived into 6 categories

  1. Literary works
  2. Music-related work
  3. Artistic work
  4. Cinematography films
  5. Sound recordings
  6. Computer programs, etc

copyright comes under the COPYRIGHT ACT 1957

the procedure of obtaining copyrights

  • application in form of form 1V to the registrar along with the fee.
  • Every application has to be signed by the applicant and the advocate
  • registrar will issue diary no with the waiting time of 30 days
  • The application will go under processing and checking and invite for objection will be generated
  • If no objection will be raised then you will get the copyrights
  • If any objection would be raised then a notice will be sent to both the applicant and the objection raiser
  • The application will again go under the checking and resolving the objection.