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FSSAI Food Licence Registration

FSSAI Food Licence Registration

FSSAI is the standard for food safety and standards authority of India. This is an organization that monitors the food business in India. Its main aim is to regularly check the food items according to the predefined standards. It provides the registration and license to the food business companies and operators.

The requirement of FSSAI Registration

for every food businesses, it is compulsory to get the FSSAI certificate or license. Every food corporation or salse company needs to get the license to start there production and business in India. It is of 14 digit registration no which is to be printed on every package of the product as the proof of purity and license holder.

They are of three types – 

  1. Central license (Large Food Business)
  2. State License(Medium Food Business)
  3. Registration(petty food business)

Process Of Obtaining FSSAI Licence

  • Submission of form A to food and safety department
  • after getting permission from the department you will get the registration number and the photo of the applicant
  • FBO should display the certification no and registration no

document required

  • form-B
  • identity proof
  • passport size photo
  • rental agreement or proof of land
  • list of food product
  • food safety management plan