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GST Registration

GST Registration

GST is a destination-based consumption good and service tax. It is applied at all stages right from the manufacturer to final consumption. In a nutshell, the only value-added taxes will be paid. I come into existence on 1 July 2017 through the one hundred and first amendment of the constitution of India by the Indian government. GST taxation has various tax slabs for different.

GST (Goods and service taxes) is indirect taxation that replaces various other taxes. This has been passed in parliament on 29th March and comes into existence on 1 July 2017.

thresh hold limit of GST is 40 lakhs for the suppliers and 20 lakhs for the service providers. Online registration is compulsory as per the Indian law of government to get the GST NO. without GST no on supplier or service provider is allowed for doing business or for any other charges in the name of tax.

Steps for getting GST no.

    1. free consultation
    2. drafting of documents
    3. make payment online
    4. upload documents
    5. ARN generation
    6. Get the GST no on e-mail.