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ISO Certification

ISO Certification

International Organization for Standardization is an iso certification that manages, manufacturing process, documentation process, service all needs quality assurance. ISO(International Organization for standardization) is an independent non governmental organization that ensures the quality, services, safety, efficiency, and systems. It exists in many areas of the industry from medical devices and energy management to social responsibility.

The certificate iso 9001:2008 has mainly three components

ISO– it refers to the international organization for standardization which develops the standards.

9001– iso 9000 is a family refers to quality management. Iso 9001 is from the best-known standard which defines the best quality management principles

2008– iso 2008 is the fourth edition od iso 9001.

What does iso certification mean?

If the company shows themselves as iso 9001 certified that means the company has met the requirement under iso 9001. as a certified organization to follow and define the quality management system that is effective and appropriate while also have to identify the area for improvement.

Some various types of ISO certificates are

Iso 9001 2008– quality management

Iso 14001– Environmental Management

Iso 27001– Information security management

Iso 22008– Food Safety Management.