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Patents Registration

Patents Registration

This is an exclusive right grant by the government of India to the inventor for there invention. These are granted for a limited period.

The requirement for an invention to be patent

  • Novelty- means invention must be new or novel, the invention had never been made before. It must have new characters which are usable to the audience and public
  • Inventive step- a person with an in-depth knowledge of the field with skilled knowledge.
  • Industrial Application- the invention must be useful in industry use.

Process of patent registration

  1. Patentability
  2. Patent Drafting
  3. Patent Filing
  4. Publication
  5. Request for Examination
  6. Issuance Of Examination report
  7. hearing with the controller
  8. grant a patent

get a patent is very essential for every inventor or creator to make its invention unique and different.

There are different types of patent some of them are listed below

  • utility patient- this is the most common type of patent. It involves process, the composition of matter, machine and manufacturing.
  • design patent- these type of patent involve surface ornamentation shape size and design configuration.
  • plant patent