GST stands for Goods and service tax, now everyone knows the GST law but only some people know-how GST law works in a business. There was a lot of indirect tax in our country, but now to improve the tax our government made a new law of good and service tax. GST is an indirect tax. It’s an approach by our government one nation one tax. Every business owner registered and need to fill their GST, but only a few know how to deal with GST. That is why we need a top chartered accountant company in Jaipur and GST Consultant in Jaipur, Best CA Firms in Jaipur.

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 GST registration is necessary for those whose business turnover is above 40 lakhs for some special category states like Pondicherry, Telangana, Rs. 20 lakhs (10 lakhs in North-Eastern states). GST Consultant is a person who provides services to business owners and he should register in the GSTN portal to start his practice. 

There are four types of GST bills-

  • Integrated GST (IGST)
  •  Central GST (CGST)
  • Bill to Compensate States
  • Union Territory GST (UTGST)


An authorized by the Central or State Government GST practitioner handle all tax on behalf of their taxpayers. There are some activities done by GST practitioners.

  1. Application for new GST registration
  2. Modification in registration
  3. Apply for cancellation of registration
  4. file monthly, quarterly, annual GST return
  5. Apply to claim for refund
  6. Provides details of inward and outward supplies

Eligibility for becoming a GST Consultant

  1. He should be an Indian citizen
  2. He should have a PAN card
  3. He should have a mobile number and E-mail address
  4. He should not have been involved in a crime or jailed.
  5. He should have at least one degree in commerce
  6. He should have a degree in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. 

Why you need a GST Consultant

Why you need a GST consultant answer is a very obvious reason is that file your GST return without any error and delay. Timely submission will prevent you from penalties. There is multiple time slot payment like monthly, quarterly and annually.

GST consultant or a top chartered accountant firm in Jaipur helps in tax management. A GST professional is taking care of tax for your business. 

They helping with your tax planning and make your business more trustworthy. New tax laws are quite complicated which makes it necessary to hire a GST Consultant. Many different types of tax slabs are very thought to understand. 

Taxkundali has a top professional team of Chartered Accountants Company and GST Consultants in Jaipur. We have all solutions for your business tax problems. Hiring a GST consultant will help you from unnecessary losses and expenditure.