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Trademark Regitration

Trademark Regitration

This is a unique identity of your goods and services from others with a unique code combination of symbol, number, and characters. It is required to make your product safe from the duplication of your product and goods or services by the competitors in the market. In to days market, it is important to build the brand value of your product so to gain the investor’s trust itis required to get the trademark to keep your product aside from others fake and copy one.

Benefits of trademarks

  • quality guarantee
  • advertisements for production
  • exclusive rights of the products
  • hypothecation security
  • security of product
  • edge to the market
  • trust-building
  • symbol of life long supports

Documentation for trademark registration

To get the trademark some documentation id required from the provider’s point and the business point. To register the trade with Indian law some needed documents follow:

  • copy of the logo, trademark that you want to b get registered
  • application form
  • identity proof
  • adhere proof
  • address proof
  • Incorporate certificate in case of LLP company
  • description of the goods and services
  • power of attorney in form 48 format.